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A Safe New Therapy

IV Ketamine infusion therapy offers those who suffer from treatment-resistant depression hope for successful treatment and a more satisfying, healthy life. IV Ketamine is also a promising treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder, traumatic brain injury and chronic pain. It has a well-proven safety profile.

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Initial Consultation Fee

Applied toward your first treatment

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6 Treatments over 2 Weeks


Long-term Benefits

4-6 months of Mood Stabilization

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Novel therapy for refractory Depression,
PTSD, and Chronic Pain

Tired of medications that don't work for depression?
Try IV Ketamine.  It's safe and proven to work.

Dr. John Leung, MD

I haven't heard my son laugh like that since he was 13.

Mother of patient

We have seen documented mood stabilization, decreased medication use, and overall improved quality of life.

Dr. Andy Hsu, MD

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